Friday, October 18, 2013

Adriatic Adventures

Tuesday Market

The last few days have been filled with new experiences as well as some practical, living in Italy experiences as well.

I finally got a phone that works in Italy! This is exciting news because now I can actually call my Italian friends for less than $1.50/minute.  I had to buy an entirely new phone although the one I originally bought was supposed to work in Italy (the saleswoman called those salespeople "Pinocchio's").  Anyway David and Fiona helped me set up a Wind Mobile phone where for 9 euros a month I have 550 minutes of talk. (A little practical knowledge for anyone moving to Italy)

Bufalina Pizza
In less than one week I managed to totally destroy the flats I brought from home, so I headed on Tuesday to a market that is held past the city center every Tuesday morning.  Hundreds of vendors set up tents there to sell all kinds of wares; clothes, shoes, household goods etc.  The prices are also very reasonable, you can buy clothes for around 10 euros at most of the vendors, and although shoes are more pricey, generally 25-40 euros, I managed to purchase an adorable pair of flats for 5 euros.  However, I need to start thinking about what the equivalent is in american dollars because one euro is about 1.4 american dollars!  Also on Tuesday, I braved my first solo trip to a restaurant here by the seashore.  I am still learning to be comfortable alone, it takes some getting used to not having anyone to talk to during a meal, especially since I do not even have a smartphone here to look busy with!  I ordered a pizza Bufalina, the pizza is much less dense here, with a thin crust, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto.

Pesaro from afar
Wednesday was a gorgeous day out.  David and Fiona took me to the university to play basketball and then they offered to take me sailing! The view was beautiful....

At one point a fishing boat passed by causing the waves to swell up and turn our boat almost on its side, David and "A" tumbled towards Fiona and I but they were able to right the boat quickly.  After that the waves smoothed out and we were able to have a tranquil trip along the coast bobbing up and down on the waves.  I am happiest on the water feeling the breeze on my face and the wind ruffling my hair.

Circolo Mengaroni
Yesterday, I met a new friend for lunch at C'Era Volta, Iris, she and I also met on  We both ordered pizza for lunch; I ordered the Mediterranean pizza which I thought meant mozzarella, basil and tomato, however I obviously need to improve my Italian since I ended up with only tomatoes, capers and olives.  My mistake was delicious though!  Then in the evening, she and I as well as David, Fiona and another friend Catherine, headed to the Pesaro language exchange which happens every Thursday night at the Circolo Mengaroni bar which used to be a hospital for those with mental illness.  It is a little intimidating on the outside but very cozy and pretty on the inside with comfy seating areas and games to play.  There was quite a large group of people and I met some very friendly people who also offered to set me up with people to show me around on my upcoming weekend trip.

Today I head to Bologna for a pasta making class and to tour the city!  More details to come!

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  1. I Love your blog Rachel, I miss you so much <3 you are full of life! And your smile shoots beams of sun light and good vibes that shoot through your soul and make you smile! :D