Sunday, October 13, 2013

Molto Bagnato (Very Wet)

So much to update on!

The Adriatic Sea
Friday I had a few hours to myself and explored Pesaro for the first time since I arrived.  I walked into the center of town along Via Le Cialdini which is almost a straight path from one end of town to the other. I was afraid to go down any side streets because here the streets are winding and I may never have found my way home (especially since I am challenged with directions).  It was also very intimidating not knowing the language, I stopped in a "libreria" (bookstore) to buy a notebook and didn't even know how much the cashier was telling me it cost.  I continued my journey down Via Le Cialdini until I reached the train tracks near the edge of town and was able to view from there beautiful houses on the hillside, at which point I started my journey home.  On my way back I took a right turn at Piazza de Popolo and found myself facing the sea.  Although the sea was similar to others I have been to, in that moment I realized that wherever I am, water is a tranquil, reassuring presence that can make me feel at home even thousands of miles away.

Flower Market in Piazza de Popolo
Yesterday the children and I visited a flower market in the Piazza de Popolo.  Dana and Elena were so fascinated by the carnivorous flowers, the Venus fly trap and  California Pitcher Plant.  They cleverly figured out that by poking the center of the Venus fly trap with a stick they could trick it into "eating" the stick, and amused themselves with this at every vendor in the market.  They were also my interpreters in the marketplace!

Walking around Pesaro
Today was my day of adventures.  My host family introduced me to some of their previous workawayer's friends, David and Fiona.  We spent the morning walking around Pesaro practicing English and Italian and I learned a few new words and phrases, such as "como si dice" (how do you say?).  Then they offered to take me canoeing at 3 in the afternoon!  We rode bikes through Pesaro and then along a bike path halfway to Fano (a nearby city) where we parked our bikes and got canoes.  They thought I was crazy for not bringing a change of clothes but I only have 3 pairs of pants with me!  I am definitely going to be sore in the morning though as we rowed from that point to Pomodoro's ball officially known as "la palla di Pomodoro", a well known site in Pesaro, and back (a total of about 2 hours).  This was when I learned another of my new words, "bagnare" (wet), as we ended up soaked head to toe, including my electronics!  It was a beautiful trip along the Adriatic coast and the towering Ardizio hill, and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again, it was the experience of a lifetime!
Ardizio Hill

The Fashion Show
After I returned from canoeing, I quickly showered and then met my new friend Elena to go to a show.  I met Elena on; I can't say enough about this website, it is a fantastic way to meet people in your city.  The show we ended up going to was a "sfilata di moda", a fashion show!  The show was fantastic, they had ballerinas as the opening act and had amazing concept art being done by painters during the runway portion of the show.  They also had live musicians and singers who performed during the show not to mention the clothes!

With that, I am exhausted, and will be calling it a night so I can wake up bright and early for more adventures!


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