Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Last Days in Pesaro

Well I am down to my last few days in Pesaro.  It is a bittersweet moment; I am so excited to meet Cari in Venice and explore but I am so sad to leave my host family and my friends here.  I have met some really awesome people over the last 9 weeks.  People who have shown me true Italian generosity and made sure that I saw everything I could see!

One such friend is Stefania who invited my friend Cristina and I to Rimini to enjoy homemade pizza on Friday night.  The pizza Cristina and I made was a simple margherita pizza but Stefania's boyfriend's pizza was an artful masterpiece of towering cheese, sausage and red onions and it was delicious! After dinner we headed to Rimini's bi-weekly language exchange.  We had fun playing the game where you guess what object/person is taped to your forehead (even though we looked a bit silly doing it --> see picture).  

Saturday the girls, Anna and I headed back to Candelara.  Since it was daytime there were all kinds of fun Christmas themed performances and activities.  There was live music; a concert where the singer sang in Italian, French, Portuguese, and English (all with perfect pronunciation) and a band with all kinds of unique instruments.  Dancers on stilts sashayed down the street, joking with passerby and playing drums and tambourines (see picture).  For the kids there were also games; mine and Elena's favorite was one where we hit each other with pillows to knock the other person off the balance beam.  As night fell, the lights went out and luminescent globes were sent into the sky, twinkling as they drifted up into the heavens.
Natale (Christmas) in Candelara

Another couple of friends who have always shown me a fantastic time here in Pesaro, are Fiona and David, as evidenced by how prominently they have been featured in this blog.  Sunday they yet again hosted me for lunch in their home, then they, some other friends and I wandered around the Christmas market in Pesaro where we tried samples from most of the vendors and almost made an additional lunch.  

The problem with leaving is that I'm going to miss everyone so much, so every time I say goodbye I end up planning to see them again!  So the rest of this week has been filled with farewell dates.  Stefania came by Pesaro on Monday to get hot chocolate. Michela and I went to the shopping center yesterday.  And today I had a goodbye coffee date with my dear friend Elena who introduced me to fashion shows and scooters.  Luckily she was also able to join Fiona, David, Cristina and I tonight for an after dinner passeggiata (walk) and gelato.  Fiona and Donato took me to a pugliese restaurant where I got to try a scrumptious, gooey, cheese-filled delight called a panzerotti (a much airier and flakier calzone) and pizza Americana (which is similar to a Hawaiian pizza).

I am in such denial about leaving that I haven't even started packing yet (I know it will end up being done around 10pm tomorrow).  Tomorrow is my last evening with Dana, Elena, and Anna whom I now consider extended family.  Workaway has been such an amazing experience and I am so glad I was able to spend it with them.  

Next time I will be writing from Venice with Cari... I always have so much fun with this chick and I can't wait!
Pesaro in Review

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