Thursday, November 14, 2013

Espresso Tinged Musings

Today is all about taking time to explore, stop, relax and appreciate.  Normally I wake up late and rush through the town like a woman on a mission, usually heading straight for one of the few gelaterias I frequent after lunch.  Today I woke up early and meandered at a casual pace along the main street and I noticed small shops and niches that I had never seen before.  I stopped at the Nerocafe for a caffe' macchiato and brioche.  I can almost order coffee like an Italian now and I have to come to appreciate the tiny (by American standards) espressos that I dump an entire package of cane sugar into before drinking. However sometimes I still crave my grande salted caramel mochas from Starbucks that can last me an hour instead of a few sips.

Next, sorry to my fellow Americans but I probably tinged one shop owner's impressions of American tourists forever this morning.  We were chatting (in Italian no less) as she wrapped up my purchases, two small ceramic dishes (Pesaro is known for its ceramics), and I almost forgot to pay, oops!  After this little snafu, I decided to people watch in the Piazza del Popolo. The nicest moments happen when you just sit and wait.  The cutest little boy randomly came up to me and started playing with me.  His parents should probably teach him not to hug strangers but he was so cute singing in Italian and he was utterly fascinated by all my piercings. I also apparently saw a famous Italian TV producer in the piazza (as a woman who walked by, told me in a starstruck voice).

This weekend there will be no time to "stop and smell the roses" as I am off to Umbria for the weekend starting tomorrow!


  1. Love your bloggings Rachel! :-) -Kate Brown

    1. Thank you for reading Kate! I remember seeing all your pictures from Brazil and wanting to join in!